Why React JS Is Taking Over the Front End Web Development

If we talk about the modern front-end development technologies, React JS is becoming more and more popular. React JS is one of those JavaScript-based libraries used in web development and building interactive elements on the website. Here, Javascript is used to handle dynamic website content. It’s a collection of pre-written code in JS that saves a developer’s time by providing built-in features and libraries wherever they want.

Why ReactJS and why is it getting popular?

1. Faster Development using reusable components and libraries

React JS works easier for building single page websites/ applications. User experience and performance of these platforms are comparatively better than normal websites. With reusable components and libraries, the front-end development process is faster. It saves so much time for the development and a lot of functionality part is already handled by the framework itself.

2. Makes developer's life easier

All front-end developers can relate to the problems associated with the hard syntax of a programming language. The more difficult it is to understand the syntax and structure, the more complex it gets to design logic. ReactJS is different here. Simplified coding makes it easier to change logic and fix bugs. It’s just that you can get more done by writing less code.

3. Easy to learn and develop

Front-end development technologies having a shorter learning curve are quickly embraced by the developers’ community. The thing is nobody has enough time to learn new technology from scratch. So the steeper the learning curve is, the less likely developers will move to it. If you are a front-end developer, you can learn ReactJS in little time. It’s easier to grasp for developers ( as all developers are familiar with JavaScript). The syntax is quite similar and the concepts are pretty much the same.

4. Performance and developer tools

The performance of loading dynamic content is really good for applications build in React. And the tools to test and libraries to improve performance are a great asset too.

5. React has a good ecosystem and community support

React’s rich and vibrant ecosystem is another reason why more companies start using React today. Developers get dozens of ready-made and customizable charts and graphics to use at the front end. Besides that, there’s thorough documentation available for the new developers. You can look into every feature associated with the library and interact with its fast-growing community. More people are there to help if you get stuck building something in React.

What platforms are ReactJS best for?

  • Blogs
  • Business websites
  • Custom e-commerce websites
  • Membership based platforms
  • e-learning websites
  • Job portals
  • Social media apps (Instagram, Facebook)
  • Non-profit websites for crowdfunding

Almost everything, right?

ReactJS will be there in modern frontend development. So, if you want to build great single page dynamic web applications, React almost works for all scenarios, and would be a great option to consider. Contact us if you would like to get trained in ReactJS or get a website developed in React :)

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