5 things to check while outsourcing your app development

Before hiring/ outsource app developers, you need to have a detailed definition of the product you want as the outcome. Definition, goals and problems you are trying to solve should be analysed. Only then should you approach vendors/ software developers to build the product. Here are the things one should definitely consider while choosing a partner to outsource your app development.

1. Team competencies, portfolio and relevant experience

The team you select must have a solution-seeking mindset to bring the right results for your business problems. Not only technical competencies, but overall a good process to get things done, focus on end user experience/ UI and expertise working on similar business problems would be an added advantage.

2. Quality of Service

Cost doesn’t always determine the quality of an app. However, when you are making investments on a tech product/ app, you must pay heed to the quality of the service. Making sure you are getting enough worth for your investment is important. Quality of service also means the process, scalability and actual results you are getting out of the work.

3. Involvement and working as a partner

This is a very important factor we look for while working with other businesses. Verify at the beginning itself about the level of involvement of the team in the development process after the project is confirmed. Ensure that they interact with you whenever you need during the development phase as well to make sure the process of app development is seamless and the final product is exactly what the end user need.

Outsourcing your mobile app development is not a one-sided project. Don’t expect to send out a bunch of requirements and magically receive a perfect product. Let your development partner pitch in their own thoughts, opinions, and suggestions on your strategy and requirements. They can even help you get rid of irrelevant or unnecessary features that may waste money. And if you make your app development a collaborative process, you give a sense of ownership to your development partner.

4. Agreements/ IP and Payment models

If the outsourcing company refuses to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement or give the ownership of IP to you, it can cause your problems in the future. It is imperative to get the ownership of IP clarified at the beginning itself and that you should have the ownership of the mobile app unless you decide some other models with the app developers or companies you might be engaging with.

5. Good ROI

ROI or return on investment is another factor that you should evaluate while choosing an outsourcing partner. The vendor must be able to provide a proper plan for a good ROI on the app. If the effort spend and the ROI is sensible, it seems fine.

These tips are guaranteed to help you make better decisions while outsourcing your app development. Overall if their approach from the beginning feels positive, have good reviews & testimonials on their online pages, have open communication and you feel their competence can help you, its a good option to go forward with.

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