Flutter 3 - Write code once, run anywhere?

With Flutter 3, you can build experiences for 6 platforms from a single codebase, by helping developers with productivity left to put effort into other tasks and helping startups to easily provide product access to anyone independent of their devices. Yes, Flutter now supports: Android, iOS, Web, Linux, Windows & macOS!

Flutter is an open-source application development kit created by Google. Flutter app development helps organizations and developers build beautiful, native-like apps for multiple platforms using a single codebase. 

Flutter 3 is full of great features and updates, and new framework capabilities. So what’s new in Flutter? 

macOS and Linux Support 

Back when flutter was released, it received a good amount of appreciation from the developers community. Flutter is known to be the most dynamic cross-platform development framework up until today. After starting with just Android and iOS app support, the framework can also officially be used to build apps for Windows, Web, and embedded devices. As flutter 3 is launched, the developers that were earlier doing the labour of adding platforms have now come to cease. As of now, flutter developers can create applications for macOS as well as Linux devices extensively without facing any hurdles.

Firebase Support

It is not just about the UI framework, but the app publishers need an extensive set of tools to allow them to proceed in terms of building, releasing, and operating your applications along with services like data authentication, cloud functionality, device testing, and data storage.

In order to best reflect that reality and Flutter’s persistent growth, the suite of Firebase plugins for Flutter is now turning into a fully-supported key part of the Firebase offering. Moreover, Google is working on creating new flutter widgets that make it even smoother to use firebase in your application. Also, you are now able to get a hold of errors by using the Firebase Crashlytics plugin, this gives you an overview of your app’s stability with which you can fix the bugs merely by tracking the errors.

Material 3 UI

Indeed, one of the top features of what’s happening in the Flutter 3.0 conversation is the change to Material Design 3, a Google in-house design language. The Flutter group has offered a versatile cross-stage design framework to change your Flutter application into a lovely intuitive product. Material 3 (otherwise called Material You) is the up-and-coming age of Material Design. The massive changes incorporate a variety of framework enhancements, typography upgrades, and updates for many components.

Flutter Casual Games Toolkit 

Flutter doing miracles for developing games using their games toolkit. Google is sharing a casual game toolkit which is a suite of templates, guidelines, and tutorials for game developers who want to invest their effort in flutter.

Mobile Updates

  • Foldable support for phones: What’s going on in Flutter 3? Indeed, the all-new Flutter discharge integrates foldable cell phones. New widgets and highlights permit you to build dynamic and engaging encounters for the eye on foldable devices. This element is planned as a team with Microsoft.
  • Variable refresh rate support for iOS: The new Flutter version upholds variable refresh rates and ProMotion shows on iOS devices, including iPad Pro and iPhone 13 Pro. The delivering ability is currently at refresh rates up to 120 Hz, which was restricted to 60 Hz previously. The user can have a smoother looking-over experience while observing quick animations.

Web Updates

  • Image decoding: The most recent Flutter 3 version contains new APIs to non concurrently unravel pictures off the fundamental string. This is done through the underlying picture codecs of the program. You would be glad to realize that this element speeds up decoding the image 2x, guaranteeing that the fundamental string is rarely impeded and clearing the junk built-up in the previously.
  • Web app lifecycles: The new web application lifecycle API for Flutter applications gives you the advantage of controlling the cycle for bootstrapping your application. This allows you to run the Flutter in headless mode on the web.

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