We are changing the HR industry by building SaaS products with startups

HR managers are tasked with hiring the best people in the most efficient manner, onboarding them quickly and supporting the overall employment experience within the company. It’s quite the challenge to manage all of the paperwork, changing job specifics and the actual human resources. That’s where SaaS HR platforms came into the role. Due to COVID-related restrictions and remote work, obviously, companies are looking for an innovative online solution to handle their resources, HR problems and operations.

A SaaS HR software also allows business owners to control every aspect of their employee management tasks and help mitigate human errors and other mundane, repetitive tasks such as wrangling multiple spreadsheets and managing employees’ attendance. It also helps to give the freedom and flexibility to focus on the important things and not on the tedious tasks and monotonous paperwork that take so much of a manager’s time. With software automating and even eliminating many of these day-to-day functions, people can focus on more important things.

We were fortunate to work with some organizations as tech partner, solving challenging problems in on-demand hiring, part-time flexible working, resource management and operational excellence.

There are many common problems that an online SaaS-based solution can easily solve in an organization:

  • KPI Monitoring - Not only hiring the candidates is important, but tracking the results and analysing the working model is also very important.
  • Operation excellence - Not only the team, but the other resources, third-party vendors and tools you use also comes as a deciding factor in how you manage your HR and operations side.
  • Flexible working model - Hiring full-time or gig-based model. There is a trend evolving currently by hiring professionals only while required. We have built platforms for our clients which helps companies to easily do and manage that.
  • Automated HR and payroll processes - While building up a product from the ground, tedious HR processes and payroll management might seem very difficult for a startup. Hiring people to do that as well might be difficult when you are bootstrapped. There are great online tools which can handle that for you and even automate processes that take your time.
  • Communication - It has always been a challenge for the HR team but with a proper online system in place, there is a consistent flow of feedback/ information in real-time, and managers can go the extra mile to resolve issues and implement benefits that match employee expectations.

Alongside the benefits offered to employees, SaaS-based HR solutions are easy to deploy and manage. It would be noteworthy to see how these benefits develop and what other areas in an organizational workflow would SaaS impact.

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