How to build a property rental management app?

Property rental and management shouldn't be a headache for both landlords and tenants! 

That's why we have property rental management apps. The idea is to create an application with the ability to support owner, property agent, tenant, and property joint management body on:

  • Rental collection, payment reminder, and payment receipt.
  • Integration with online payment and e-wallet for seamless payment collection.
  • Maintenance and repair.
  • Complaint and feedback management.
  • Commission management.

There are alot of apps like AppFolio, Landlord Studio providing good services to support landlords with their property management. But there are some reasons why you should develop a custom rental property management app for your business:

  • Control inefficient cost
  • Do not have to pay for unnecessary features
  • Scalable solution
  • Independence to customize and use it your way

What are the key features that should be in mind while building a rental property management app?

  1. Portfolio Management
  2. Vacancy Management
  3. In-app chat/ messaging/ updates
  4. Tenant Management
  5. Tenant/Lease Tracking
  6. Task Management
  7. Rent Tracking
  8. Maintenance Reports

So how to build one?

  • Research and find how you will run the platform - only for your own purpose or as a common subscription platform for all
  • Decide on the functionalities you want to provide
  • Plan the execution and budget
  • Hire an app development company or an expert who can help you digitalize the platform effectively
  • Marketing strategies to bring results

There are a lot of other tools/ features that you can provide to make the clientele experience better like:

  • Automatic rent payments
  • Virtual reality or 3D tours of properties
  • IoT enabled home devices connected to the app and automation
  • Digital contracts and sign agreements online

Thus you can build a successful property rental management app that adds value to tenants, landlords, and property managers. 

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