How to develop an awesome product as your side hustle

A side hustle is any activity outside of your day job that helps make more money. Technically, this can means a part-time job or a business or building something that makes money. There are lots of ways to have a side hustle, but some choose to build products which can even bring you a good income source if built right.

Some things to consider before planning to build a product as a side hustle:

- Does the idea fit your current schedule?

- Does the idea align with your passions and interests?

- Is it in an area you are planning to grow or learn more?

- Is the idea financially viable?

After analysing your situations and if you are still serious about your product idea, here is how to develop one while still working at your day job?

  • Make something in an area or industry you have a good knowledge of
  • Your target market/ customer should be reachable in your network
  • Have small goals which you can accomplish and track
  • If you can't build it yourself, have a small budget every month which can be invested to the product
  • Always keep an eye on how to improve your product and innovate
  • Outsource things in the beginning even if you can do it
  • Don't wait to launch a perfect product, have an iterative mindset
  • Keep networking, talking to people everyday and expand your network
  • Assess your available bandwidth and have a planned time allocated for the product from the beginning
  • Maintain a balance. Enjoy the process.

The biggest advantage of building your own product is after the initial investment and a good amount of promoting, you will start getting customers and a software product can easily scale from 100 users to 1 million users if built well. It can even become your full-time business if clicked.

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