App Store Optimization For Better Reach

App store optimization(ASO) is the process of improving the app visibility within the app store. The main goal of ASO is to optimize mobile apps to rank higher in the app store's search results and make them more visible to the users. The increased visibility helps to get more downloads to the app from the store search engine like Google Play or Apple App Store.

The goals of ASO includes

  1. Achieve maximum targetted users

  2.  Boost the number of downloads

  3. Positive app reviews and ratings

  4. Grow mobile business

  5. Increase brand exposure

How to improve app growth with App Store Optimization​​​​​​?

1) Choose the right name

Titles are the single most important metadata you can use to get more downloads.

2) Know what keywords to use

The goal is to create a keyword set that you can utilize in order to promote app store listing optimization. Every element of the app’s listing in the app store affects ASO.

While you research keywords, find those that:

  • Describe the main features of your app
  • Are synonyms of words describing these features
  • State the app’s category
  • Are common terms in this category

3) Include Compelling Icons & Screenshots

Compelling visuals can give you an edge in the app marketplace. Choose an app icon that is easy to recognize and will be memorable for your brand. App Screenshots and Videos give you an opportunity to demonstrate the functionality of your app or mobile game. Use them to show off the best parts of your app.

4) Write accurate app descriptions

This is an essential part of an app’s metadata, Users can find information about the app and its main features.

It helps to provide the following answers

  • What does the app do?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • How will it make the user’s life easier?
  • What is the price?

5) App downloads

As you would expect, the more downloads your app receives, the higher the perceived buzz, demand, and user value associated with the app. Increasing the volumes of downloads will support increased prominence within the app store’s organic ranking.

6) Ratings and reviews

Feedback is an integral part of ASO’s success. Both Google Play and Apple take into account comments and reviews from the users. The better the rating, the more relevant an app appears, and the higher the rankings.

7) Choose the right category for the app

There are so many apps available in the same category. So the app should be unique to get more attention from the users. Choose the category that suits best for your app.

The performance, as well as installs of the app, can be improved overall by:

  •   Testing the app frequently
  •   Making sure the app is compatible with all device
  •   Providing frequent version update
  •   Ensure navigations work smooth and quick
  •   Provide minimal loading time

Reasons for uninstallation of an app

There is a chance to uninstall the app if the quality of the app is less. The following are some reasons

  • Bugs or app crashes
  • Lack of storage
  • Did not understand the app

Improving the quality of the app is an important factor for ASO. Apps with higher crash rates are considered to have poor quality. The quality can be maintained by providing the apps bug-free through continuous testing and by providing version updates. By paying close attention to App Store Optimization guidelines, you can enhance your strategy. And the efforts will have a more significant positive impact on app rankings.

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