Checklist before quitting your day job for building your own product

We talk to a lot of people daily who wish to start a business, have a side hustle or build own product ideas. But we see gaps in many. Here are some thoughts we have while planning to quit job and start own business, especially in the software domain.

o Be clear about your mission, but also be open to product evolution

o Have a clear product roadmap in a documented form (keep it updated)

o Should be serious about the problem you are trying to solve

o Have patience, developing an idea takes time

o First build core features that people will pay for

o Have budget allocation for sales & marketing from the beginning

o Have all your ideas prioritized and locked at UI/ UX phase  

o Think of a niche market, not a global product (Identify shortcoming, build a solution for that and go from there)

o Have a basic technical knowledge of the software even if you have a tech cofounder/ dev team

o Should be open to bring in co-founders/ experts at any stage

If you think you may be able to build your product idea while still having job, go ahead and try that. Read our article on developing product us a side hustle:

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